Thursday, 12 February 2009

there are some great blogs and candy on here

Have been doing alot of browsing other peoples blogs and wow there are som stunning blogs and art work out there..........have a look at some of the blogs I am following to see them...

There are also some excellent blog candy I know what blog candy is..hehehehe

I have labeled this some great blog candy..go on have a look.

haven't done much yet except catch up this week on my posting out atc's...this is due to a flare up in the R/A and fybro.....

I would like a special thanks to some of my friends on docrafts for there support and lovelly comments, you have kept me going this week..

well must go and do some more browsing..inspiration



1 comment:

  1. Hi Hudson thanks for stopping by my blog xx Yes we met the man himself who is very charismatic and modest - if you look him up on u tube you can see him demo his products. Love the music robbie is one of my favs x