Saturday, 4 July 2009

4 July Where is this year going?

Hi again.

Can't believe how quickly this year is going...

This is a picture of my son's bearded dragon, we also have another one now.

Been spending some time at hubby's allotment, my favourite time, just picking the crops, we have plenty of broadbeans, peas and spuds at the moment, also raspberries... Picked a whack and then froze what i don't need at the moment.

Have been making plenty of ATC's but have to upload them yet.....

Also been doing some scrapbooking....again haven't uploaded it yet....

Been loving the weather (except the rain),,just need to get a fan for night.....sooooooooo hot!

Well this week I have to go and get my son's birthday present, not sure what he wants, so i will have to try and quiz him.

Hope you are all keeping well.........

Enjoy the Sun ( whilst we have it)

keep safe.