Friday, 16 January 2009

ATC of the week.

I am so happy this week, as something I made has won the ATC of the week on DOCRAFTS.

The ATC I sent in was the 'OPEN ME' one from below. I have never won anything before for my crafting.....I feel so pleased.

I also managed to upload my new avatar for Docrafts, after alot of trying. What do you think, it's the piccy up the top.

Anyway hope you all are enjoying my blog, I know it is not alot, but I am trying...I never know what to write.

I am learning, well at least I hope I am.
Keep safe.


  1. well done on winning the "ATC of the week on DOCRAFTS. "

    Joana xx

  2. you've been tagged. check out my blog x